Meta Labradors are a unique NFT collection made for the Chia blockchain. They are born from the metaverse, very cute and produced carefully with hand drawn art and layering techniques. Don't miss your chance to own one of the first NFT collections on the Chia blockchain, Meta Labradors.

Current owner:

This NFT issue by SkyNFT

Purple 17.8% have this trait
Grey 7.1% have this trait
scout dress 17.8% have this trait
stick 9.5% have this trait
star eye patch 8.3% have this trait
bubbles 8.3% have this trait

Price: 0.6000 XCH (Royalty: 5%)

Price Floor Difference Expiration From Memo

Event Price To Date Height
Trade 1.3000 XCH xch1ak...zwmgs 07-12 19:19 2247839
Trade 1.2000 XCH xch1ya...zxseq 07-08 20:48 2229717
Trade 1.0000 XCH xch1ak...zwmgs 07-07 19:10 2224708
Trade 0.6000 XCH xch1gm...f7wt7 07-07 15:39 2224004
Mint xch14c...6t6w4 06-30 23:47 2193295