Welcome to the Freaky Poodles NFT collection on the Chia blockchain. We took a very different approach at designing these NFTs. We wanted them to look like nothing you have ever seen before. There are many hand drawn Traits that we used to piece together these peculiar pups. Every single Freaky Poodle is different from the next. There are no duplicatesyou will receive a unique collectible created by Fab Dezines NFT, minted on Chia,made just for you.

Current owner:

red blood sky 7.3% have this trait
Skin colors
Ice % have this trait
Green superhero dress 1.6% have this trait
Eyes Traits
Purple eyes % have this trait
Mouth Traits
Skull bandana % have this trait
Head Traits
Flower bow % have this trait

Freaky Poodles#26

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(Author Certification Finished)

Price: 0.1500 XCH (Royalty: 7.5%)

Price Floor Difference Expiration From Memo

Event Price To Date Height
Mint xch1tl...lalx9 07-17 18:37 2270598