Total of 2,222 Singleton Souls

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Into the Light % have this trait
Purple Xray Goggles % have this trait
Lime % have this trait
Baby Reaper
Snowy % have this trait
Baby Reaper Accessory
Seedling % have this trait
Baby Reaper Face
Sad % have this trait

Singleton Souls #883

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This NFT issued by a anonymous artist. (pls check the did before your buy)

Price: DIDID does not match! Be careful! (Royalty: 8%)

Price Floor Difference Expiration From Memo

Event Price To Date Height
Transfer xch1f2...hdmjy 09-28 16:35 2607206
Transfer xch1f2...hdmjy 09-25 19:15 2593765
Transfer xch1ht...rq3ma 09-25 18:20 2593584
Mint xch1qf...hzjp0 09-23 18:45 2584443